Regular attendance is essential for academic achievement; therefore the School Board of Miami-Dade County has adopted a policy which allows for no more than 10 days of unexcused absences during the year. It defines excused absences as:

  • Student illness Medical appointment
  • Death in immediate family
  • Observance of a religious holiday
  • School-sponsored event or activity previously approved

All other absences are unexcused with the exception of Outdoor Suspensions. A failing grade will be issued for any work missed on the day(s) in question, if the student does not complete the work immediately after returning to school.

Every absence must be followed-up with a note from a parent/guardian indicating the nature of the absence. If a student is going to be absent for two or more days, please notify the office and your child's teacher by calling (305) 868-7727.

Note: Students with ten unexcused absences are enrolled in the Truancy Intervention Program (TIP). This program is operated by the State Attorney's Office, in conjunction with M-DCPS and holds parents responsible for their child's school attendance.

For additional information please contact us by calling (305) 868-7727